IU Puts on Marshmallow Costume for an Unforgettable Fan Event

iu fan event 2023
iu fan event 2023
Credit: IU YouTube

IU has taken the internet by storm with a surprise event she prepared for her fans.

Recently, through her personal YouTube channel “IU Official,” IU revealed her unexpected endeavor. At the beginning of the video, the singer announced, “Since so many people are visiting the exhibition, and we have some great items, I prepared a surprise event.” She went on to add that she hopes to secretly interact with her fans Uaenas (fandom name) without getting caught.

IU candidly shared, “I’ll be boldly moving around today. Even yesterday, two people dressed as marshmallows came over and helped out. I’m a bit worried that people might not recognize this mischievous little marshmallow that I am.”

Donning a marshmallow costume, IU waltzed around the exhibition hall, communicating with fans through various means including dancing. Surprisingly, fans failed to recognize her. After sweating up a storm for an hour roaming around, IU expressed slight disappointment, saying, “It was really exhausting. I even danced, but no one recognized me. A couple of people did ask, ‘Is it really you?'”

Though IU jestingly mentioned, “Since no one recognized me, I will quietly make my exit,” she actually went on to buy goods for the fans at the exhibition, shelling out her own money. She even complimented fans who managed to recognize her.

Upon concluding the event, IU reflected on her experience. “It’s a shame that I had to greet my fans while drenched in sweat, but it was a delightful event. I danced up close, yet no one recognized me, which did dent my pride just a tiny bit,” she playfully griped.

Meanwhile, IU’s film IU Concert: The Golden Hour has confirmed its exclusive release in CGV on September 13th.

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