BTS’s V Joins the ‘Running Man’ Crew for a Night of Laughs

BTS V Running Man
BTS V Running Man
Credit: SBS

V was the star of last night’s episode of SBS’s hit show Running Man. The episode was a non-stop ride of games, laughs, and wholesome moments, all amplified by V’s inimitable presence.

Entering with a red carpet flair, V got a roaring welcome from the Running Man members. “I’ve always wanted to be on Running Man, the show I watch when I’m eating,” V gleamed, adding that he was delighted to appear on his “mealtime entertainment show.”

The joy didn’t stop there. After V mentioned, “I really wanted to see Ha Ha,” the latter reenacted a back hug picture they took seven years ago, leaving the audience in stitches. Kim Jong Kook then playfully pointed out, “V is such a good guy. He went up to Seok Jin to tell him he had a nose hair sticking out. But Seok Jin was all excited, thinking V had something private to say to him” sending ripples of laughter throughout the studio.

On the topic of his personality, V candidly shared, “People around me find me a bit frustrating. I’m not really the quiet type, but when it comes to explaining something, I tend to be slow.” To which the cast agreed, “He really is slow. If it weren’t V, there’d be an uproar here right now,” but V cleverly retorted, “I’m actually speaking 1.5 times faster than my usual pace.”

During the games, V drew attention with his “young and rich” character and innocent charms. After seeing Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min’s “business couple” concept, he even questioned, “Are they a real couple?” In a subsequent obstacle course game with soap water on the floor, V showcased a non-stop slapstick comedy.

In a game of hidden identities and bluffing, V played his cards right, steering the game in the direction he wanted with his innocent face. He dominated the games and even clinched the top spot, marking a successful outing on Running Man.

Wrapping up his appearance, the idol shared, “I had so much fun filming on set, it feels like I’ve checked off a bucket list item.” He went on, “I’ve watched them (the members) on TV so much, they feel like celebrities to me. I had so much fun; I’d love to come back.”

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