Exclusive Interview:”I felt like I was debuting again” Kim Woojin Shares How Acting Changed His Career

Kim Woojin
Kim Woojin
Credit: 10x Entertainment

Kim Woojin is on his way to top the music charts with the release of his latest song “On My Way” from his album The Moment: Bounce. Despite his busy schedule and tours for the promotions of his latest masterpiece, Kim Woojin took the time to speak with ZAPZEE and share how he worked on the six tracks diligently in order to express his growth as an artist in his second studio album. Woojin even gets close and personal as he shares some of his favorite trends in Korea and the experiences he gained from acting in Brazil.

When asked about The Moment: Bounce 10 Entertainment stated, “This album expresses the positive and dynamic energy of coming-of-age, with many different emotions.” Kim Woojin was clear and expressed how he felt during the interview and highlighted how much he has grown as a person when it comes to his work – especially through his new rocker image. Eager to share his excitement over the album and rowdy title track “On My Way,” Kim Woojin shared the titles of his other tracks: “Song of Icarus,” “Telepathy,” “Drive Away,” “Tryin’,” and “Say Something.”

With such a variety of tracks on the album, who wouldn’t be curious and wonder which song(s) on the album were the most fun or challenging for Woojin to record and make? According to the singer, “I enjoyed working on the title track a lot. Especially because of the rocker style! It is really loud and fun!” It seems Woojin is really excited for fans to listen to this track most of all. That is mostly because the song has a very beautiful meaning and important message from the passionate singer to his fans. 

Woonjin’s title track has two meanings as the Korean title means “Adult Kid” when literally translated. When asked, Woojin said, “That’s true, the titles and meanings are both different. It is an important subject to me. The first important point of the Korean title is that I became an adult but I still appear to be a kid. Another important point is that the English title ‘On My Way’ represents where I am headed and the path I’m going on.” 

Kim Woojin
Credit: 10x Entertainment

When asked if he feels more like an adult or a kid these days, Woojin sincerely expressed he still feels like he is floating between both worlds at just the fresh tender age of 26 years old. “I feel more like an adult when I’m doing my work and making music – like when writing and preparing this album. I have a lot of responsibilities but usually I am a kid at heart when I play. If I had to use one word to describe myself and how I feel now I would say I’m hopeful and want to be hopeful.” 

Just like the title track suggests, Woojin has experienced a lot of personal growth over the past few years – from starting to promote as a soloist, his work in Brazil, beginning his acting career, and commencing his world tours since the end of Coronavirus.

Woojin gained attention for his soundtracks for Reborn Rich and King The Land. Woojin explained “Thanks to the company, I was able to record it but I caught a cold when I recorded both songs. It was a secret (being sick), so I had to work even harder and there was some inconvenience when I was recording. I still feel satisfied with the result because I tried my best at the recording.” 

Woojin became quite the talented actor since last year and continues to improve his acting skills. Woojin was lucky enough to be casted as the first K-Pop idol for the HBO Max Brazil original K-Drama Beyond The Wardrobe. Woojin was the male lead Kyung Min, the moody member of the fictional boy group ACT. 

Woojin stated, “As I transformed into Kyung Min, I felt excited because I could once again debut as a boy group member like before.” When asked about the overall experience, Woojin shared, “I’m so happy to have gotten such a huge opportunity. I am especially grateful to HBO Max! I was able to act similarly to my character, Kyung Min, and the staff treated me comfortably, which made filming more comfortable and enjoyable! Truthfully, I enjoyed acting because those experiences – it all made me grow up. It will be released successfully because it is a drama with a theme that is familiar to Korean fans. This year more than before I’ve grown with the release of my second album too. Please look forward to it!”

Kim Woojin
Credit: 10x Entertainment

With both his acting and singing experiences in mind, Woojin is also gearing up for his role in the Sherlock Holmes musical in Korea. Musicals require both a natural knack for acting alongside superb singing skills and constant stage presence. When questioned how he feels about performing under such a different setting and his part in the musical, Woojin replied eagerly saying, “I finally took part in my first musical, Sherlock Holmes.  Musicals are a little different from the way I used to sing, so I’m trying to learn a lot while practicing! The performance is just around the corner. I feel nervous and excited at the same time! Since I have some shortcomings, I am working hard with advice from my seniors.”

Currently, Woojin is continuing his tours and is currently in India with Pink Box Entertainment and is ready to promote all six tracks on his album through various performances. The title track being “Adult Kid” (On My Way) being a favorite and Woojin also expressed joy in promoting his second track “Song of Icarus,” as well. Which track will be your favorite?

Now that Woojin is traveling more and more for his tours, there are quite a few things he would need to prepare and bring. Woojin revealed “I have an item I always must bring – a cap! Bucket hats, ball caps, black hats. My hair gets really curly (poofy) so I wear a hat to hide my messy hair. It is the most important item to have when I travel.” Without a doubt, everyone would need this item.

 “Other things I take are neck pillows, headphones and sunscreen. They are essential items.”

Still, no matter how prepared you may be, staying in different countries for long periods of time can be hard and take a toll on idols as well. Woojin revealed that he doesn’t have many particular routines of comfort he indulges in. “I usually sleep on my side or with my arms extended out because of my back. I get back pain sometimes. I don’t listen to trendy ASMR or watch YouTube before sleep. I don’t do anything or else I can’t fall asleep easily. So I just close my eyes and focus on the dark and greenish colors I see before my eyes and sleep.” Woojin is very focused on his health while traveling and performing most of all.

Kim Woojin
Credit: 10x Entertainment

Throughout the interview, Woojin appeared bright and positive in saying he is confident in what he is doing more than before – proving he undoubtedly has grown over time. “During the first release of my album, it was hard but now I feel more prepared.” If Woojin feels nervous he stated, “Usually before going on stage I focus on my breathing exercises backstage for 5 seconds. But I don’t believe in things like lucky items or things to do before performing – I just believe in myself.”

When it comes to singing, we know that Woojin has an array of skills under his belt. That all comes with good practice, and Woojin may be one of the rare idols who still enjoy going to Noraebang (Korean karaoke or singing rooms) in order to check on his pitch-perfect voice. “Whenever I sing alone in a tiny space, I feel like I’m in a solo concert. Since I love to sing, I naturally liked karaoke as well. I often refer to Taeyang’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” to practice singing,” said Woojin.

Lastly, wanting to provide a little fan service, Woojin shared which food trend he is interested in most in Korea lately. Although Woojin is quite the trendy idol, he thinks he isn’t up to date with all the trends in Korea due to his world tours. However, he is aware of the Maratang (A Chinese soup dish) craze in Korea and expressed his enjoyment in eating it often. “I don’t have anything I’m seriously into these days or want to eat but I love eating spicy food a lot so I would love to try Maratang Spicy rice cakes. I think it would be great!”

With that, Woojin was eager to share his parting words with his fans! “Thank you so much for supporting my album. I hope you enjoy my new album and title track ‘On My Way’ and let’s have more fun together – whoo!” 

Are you ready to listen to the full album The Moment: Bounce by Woojin? Don’t forget to follow Woojin on social media and check out his full track HERE.

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