How Does Jang Dong Gun Feel About Working With Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung on ‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’?

jang dong gun arthdal chronicles
jang dong gun arthdal chronicles
Credit: tvN

Set to premiere on September 9th, tvN’s Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon promises an epic narrative that takes place eight years after the power struggle depicted in Arthdal Chronicles. The drama unfolds as Eun Sum, a mysterious outsider, and his adopted brother Saya are pitted against each other by Tagon’s scheming, setting the stage for a large-scale war.

Jang Dong Gun, who portrays Tagon, the absolute ruler with an iron grip on the kingdom, has undergone a significant transformation. Sporting a beard and long flowing hair, he avoids smiling entirely. “The characters and situations undergo even more dramatic shifts,” he said.

“In the previous season, Tagon was mostly brash and ruthless in his quest for power. This time, you’ll see a nuanced portrayal of Tagon as he tries to secure his authority. He’s a multifaceted character— a king, a commander to his subjects, a father, and a husband. While he evokes terror among his enemies, he also shows a more compassionate side to his people, constantly blurring the lines between good and evil,” he elaborated.

jang dong gun arthdal chronicles
Credit: tvN

In a significant cast shake-up, Lee Joon Gi replaces Song Joong Ki in the roles of Eun Sum and Saya, while the character of High Priestess Tanya also sees Kim Ji Won replaced by Shin Se Kyung.

“I was naturally concerned about the change in lead actors. But those worries vanished the moment I saw Joon Gi’s screen test. In fact, I started to think that almost everything has changed except for me and the Queen, played by Kim Ok Vin. This only increases my excitement and curiosity about the new synergy the cast will bring. I was pleasantly surprised at how both Joon Gi and Se Kyung managed to make their characters feel seamless (from the previous portrayal),” he shared.

Every scene was shot with great attention, perhaps mindful that this could be the show’s final season. Reflecting on his experience, Jang shared, “Joon Gi brings a lot of energy to the set, and not just once or twice have I found myself uplifted by his infectious enthusiasm. He’s consistently kind to everyone—actors and crew alike. Watching Shin Se Kyung rehearsing with her co-stars even off-camera has made me realize the importance of being a good person. I’ve learned a lot.”

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