Unveiling the Eclectic Characters of Netflix’s Upcoming Period Piece ‘Song of the Bandits’

song of the bandits netflix
song of the bandits netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has dropped character stills for its highly-anticipated series Song of the Bandits.

Song of the Bandits is an action-packed adventure set in the lawless territory of Gando (north of the Tumen River) during the 1920s. In this Chinese territory where Japan’s money and Korea’s people converge, the series explores the relentless fight of those determined to protect their loved ones and homestead.

The released stills capture people who are standing against the times in their own unique ways. Kim Nam Gil takes on the role of Lee Yoon, the leader of a bandit gang. Originating from serfdom and having followed his master Lee Kwang Il to become part of the Japanese army, Lee Yoon now embraces a new life as a bandit in Gando. Kim explained, “I wanted to portray a character who grows as he navigates choices between right and wrong.”

Seohyun plays Nam Hee Shin, who lives a double life as both the head of the Korean Governor-General’s Railway Bureau and an independence activist. The actress elaborated, “Hee Shin uses wit over weapons to extract information from the Japanese. Although she wears a smile in their presence, he keeps in mind the compatriots she’s fighting for.”

song of the bandits netflix
Credit: Netflix

Yoo Jae Myung portrays Choi Chong Soo, the chief of a Korean village in Gando. He shared, “I wanted to express my sincerity through my gaze, breathing, and dialogue.”

Lee Hyun Wook plays Infantry Lieutenant Lee Kwang Il. He revealed, “I focused on the ambition one needed to survive in this historical context.” He portrays a cold-blooded figure who doesn’t hesitate to torture fellow Koreans all in the name of GEACPS, a pan-Asian union that the Empire of Japan sought to establish.

Lee Ho Jung, playing Eon Nyeon, is a gun-for-hire who shows off raw action. She said, “Eon-nyeon is an imperfect and undefinable friend. I put the mindset of ‘let’s keep moving toward our goals’ on the basis of the character.”

song of the bandits netflix
Credit: Nerflix

Meanwhile, Song of the Bandits will premiere exclusively on Netflix on September 22nd. Expectations are high for this ensemble of bandits, who disguise themselves as independence fighters, Japanese army personnel, and gunslingers. Each of them is fighting to protect what’s dear to them in the lawless lands of Gando.

Source: Netflix

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