Kang Ha Neul Promises Side-Splitting Comedy in Upcoming Film ’30 Days’

kang ha neul jung so min
kang ha neul jung so min
Credit: Mindmark

Kang Ha Neul is ramping up excitement with his transformative comedic role in the forthcoming film 30 Days.

30 Days offers a comedic take on the lives of Jeong Yeol (Kang Ha Neul) and Na Ra (Jung So Min), two individuals who just can’t stand each other’s nerdiness and quirks. Just when it seems they are about to go about their separate ways, they both fall into mutual amnesia.

In this flick, Kang Ha Neul outdoes expectations as Jeong Yeol, a naturally gifted character in intellect, good looks, and even nerdiness. The actor is slated to deliver rip-roaring laughs that will have audiences rolling in the aisles. Director Nam Dae Jung praises Kang as a “superbly talented actor in comedy,” noting he was the perfect fit for the unique character of Jeong Yeol.

In the revealed stills, Kang presents himself as a successful lawyer flaunting his intellect, only to surprise us with surprising visuals brimming with nerdiness. Regarding Jeong Yeol, Kang describes the character as someone who “most vividly exhibits the nerdiness and pettiness anyone could have when alone,” thereby ratcheting up the anticipation for his out-of-the-park comic performance in the movie.

Meanwhile, 30 Days will hit the theater on October 3rd. Public interest in both the movie and Kang Ha Neul was palpably evident through the reaction to the teaser trailer and poster released last week.

Source: Mindmark

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