BTS ARMY Gets Furious Over a Fan Grabbing V’s Hair at Tokyo CELINE Event

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BTS’ V found himself in an unexpected incident during a Tokyo CELINE event, when a local fan excitedly grabbed and pulled him by the hair.

On August 22nd, V made his way to Tokyo to take part in a fashion event hosted by the french fashion House CELINE.

Given that it had been a while since his last visit to Japan, a swarm of fans gathered at the fashion house’s store well in advance, eager to catch a glimpse of their favorite singer, even a day before the scheduled event.


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On the day of the event, fans greeted V with enthusiastic cheers, and he repaid their love for fans by shaking their hands and exchanging greetings.

But as he was leaving the store, a fan reached out and grabbed him by the hair. Other fans who were recording the scene captured the entire surprising moment on camera and posted it online. People who saw those posts were shocked by the recklessness of the action and realized how much of a serious situation it could’ve become.

The fan who first shared the video clip on social media wrote, “Awful… This is too much. It’s not just about touching his hair. They’re practically pulling him by the hair. He came all the way to Japan, I’m sorry for Taehyung. He must have felt very uncomfortable. ”

In the meantime, V will drop his upcoming solo album, Layover, on September 8th. This highly anticipated album has already garnered considerable attention, as it marks the first collaboration between V and Min Hee Jin, the visionary behind ADOR.

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  • How dare that person grab his hair….
    We need apology for that…
    Hope my teahyibg is fine…
    He might be hurt….🥺

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