Ji Chang Wook Becomes an Undercover Cop Infiltrating a Drug Cartel in ‘The Worst of Evil’

ji chang wook new drama
ji chang wook new drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus has released new stills of Ji Chang Wook in The Worst of Evil.

The Worst of Evil is a crime action drama that revolves around police officer Joon Mo. The narrative follows his undercover operation to dismantle a major drug ring operating in Gangnam, a hub for drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan during the 1990s.

Ji Chang Wook takes on the role of Park Joon Mo, a police officer who infiltrates the drug syndicate under the false identity of Kwon Seung Ho. He is a strong character with grit who does anything to achieve his goals and confront difficulties head-on.

ji chang wook new drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Joon Mo decides to go undercover to crack down on the drug ring operating, only to get involved with its leader Jung Gi Chul (played by Wi Ha Jun). Anticipation is growing as Ji Chang Wook skillfully portrays the gradual changes experienced by his character, shifting between police officer Park Joon Mo and gang member Kwon Seung Ho.

Director Han Dong Wook said, “Viewers will witness Ji Chang Wook’s dynamic and profound acting in the upcoming show. I believe he will stand out as the finest actor among those who have starred in crime action projects so far.”

The Worst of Evil will premiere on September 27th.

Source: Disney Plus

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