Lee Jung Ha Talks About Playing Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung’s Son in ‘Moving’

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In a recent interview on August 21st about the Disney Plus series Moving, Lee Jung Ha dished on playing Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung’s son.

Reflecting on his mother-son relationship with Han Hyo Joo, Lee said, “To express the mother-son relationship, I had to accept her as my mother. When I first met her, I was so shy and tongue-tied that I avoided her, but she told me, ‘I’d like you to call me Mom.’ I even saved her number in my phone as ‘Mom.’ That made her feel more like my mother. Even after filming ended, I was comfortable enough to call her mom.”

As for his on-screen father, Jo In Sung, Lee confessed, “Honestly, I wondered, ‘Why was I born?’ I was working with such magnificent and amazing people that I doubted if it was even right. But they treated me like their actual son.” He added, “If I had to choose between the two, I like Mom better. They’re both my parents, but I don’t remember seeing Dad, so I’ll go with Mom. It’s a shame I had few scenes with Jo In Sung.”

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Lee also had moments of awe at the veteran actors’ performance. “I saw episodes 8 and 9 for the first time last week. Seeing how awesome they were on wires, I admired, ‘That’s my dad. They’re really different,'” he said, adding, “Watching the final scene, I felt how precious I was.”

Asked about his collaboration with Go Youn Jung and Kim Do Hoon, the actor expressed affection, saying, “I met Youn Jung and Do Hoon through the project, but we’re close off-camera too. Especially with Youn Jung, with all the scenes we had together, we made an effort to share positive energy.”

Regarding the recognition he has gained through Moving, Lee stated, “My parents are happier than me. They always told me, ‘You’re a flower, ready to bloom at any time.’ That has sustained me.” He continued, “I prefer being recognized for my character in the project rather than my real name. It feels best when people recognize me as ‘Bong Seok.'”

Lastly, Lee Jung Ha expressed his hope for Moving to be a show that keeps viewers awake at night, saying, “I hope they look forward to it and want to see it. If there’s season 2, I definitely want to be in it.”

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