Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’ Director on Why He Decided to Cast Rookie Actress Lee Han Byeol

mask girl actress
mask girl actress
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Lee Han Byeol is making waves in the headlines following her debut public appearance at the production event for the upcoming series Mask Girl.

Mask Girl follows the journey of Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary office worker with insecurities about her appearance. The tumultuous narrative unfolds as she delves into the world of online streaming every night, donning a mask to shield her identity. Lee Han Byeol, Nana, and Go Hyun Jung portray the various stages of Mo Mi’s life: before plastic surgery, after plastic surgery, and in middle age.

Director Kim Yong Hoon disclosed that the three distinct actresses collectively embody a single character in the series. He expressed his concern that relying solely on special makeup might hinder the overall performance of the cast. He stated, “After the script writing was done, I had another concern about the cast. A thousand profiles were submitted for the audition, but when I saw Han Byeol’s profile, I had a strong feeling that she is perfect for the role. She came for the audition and I offered her the role because I was struck by just how incredibly charming and intelligent she is.”

mask girl actress
Credit: Netflix

Lee Han Byeol portrays Kim Mo Mi, a character aspiring to become a celebrity but plagued by insecurities about her appearance. At the production event, the actress garnered enthusiastic acclaim for her adept depiction of the character’s internal battles in the series.

She expressed, “Similar to Mo Mi, I’ve encountered hurtful moments related to my appearance. However, such an experience didn’t lead me to dislike my own appearance, and I have no problem with taking on the role of a physically unattractive character. I found genuine enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment throughout the entire filming process .”

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