Netflix Reveals Exciting Trailer and Posters for ‘Mask Girl’ Featuring Go Hyun Jung and Nana

netflix mask girl story
netflix mask girl story
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released the main trailer and posters for its highly-anticipated series, Mask Girl.

Mask Girl follows the story of Kim Momi, an ordinary office worker with insecurities about her appearance. The tumultuous journey unfolds as she starts working as an online streamer every night, wearing a mask to conceal her identity.

netflix mask girl story
Credit: Netflix

The main posters feature three different actors – Go Hyun Jung, Nana, and a new talent yet to be revealed – all portraying Kim Momi, who lives under multiple identities in the show. She goes by the names Showgirl A reum and Prison Number 1047, living as three different-looking people.

The main trailer opens with Go Hyun Jung’s chilling confession of her sins. Kim Momi gains popularity as a masked streamer with exceptional singing and dancing skills. However, she feels unhappy without the mask, and her life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes the murder suspect and acquires another identity as Prison Number 1047, apart from Kim Momi and Showgirl A-reum. Meanwhile, Joo Oh Nam (played by Ahn Jae Hong) becomes obsessed with her, and Kim Kyung Ja (Yeom Hye Ran) relentlessly seeks to uncover her past and true identity.

Director Kim Yong Hoo described all three characters – Kim Momi, Joo Oh Nam, and Kim Kyung Ja – as somehow alienated in society, with painful pasts. He also mentioned that the ambiguous boundary between good and evil for those involved in the murder case is something to watch out for in the upcoming show.

Mask Girl will drop on August 18th.

Source: Netflix

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