Park Hae Jin Reflects on Living Apart From His Mother After Parents’ Divorce

Park Hae Jin family
Park Hae Jin family
Credit: SBS

Park Hae Jin shared how he reunited with his family after 17 years of separation on SBS’s My Little Old Boy.

During the broadcast, Hae Jin revealed, “My parents got divorced when I was young. So I lived with my sister and father until I entered middle school. After that, I grew up with my mother’s family while my sister moved to our grandmother’s house.”

The actor continued, “My mom is now back with us after about 17 years.” He disclosed that he has been living with her since his eldest nephew was born, and he fondly expressed his affection for his nephew, saying, “I took care of him like he’s my own son.”

DinDin‘s mother curiously asked, “Isn’t sharing the house with your mom’s family uncomfortable?” The actor replied, “It would be a lie to say there are no inconveniences, but it’s not like I’m with them 24 hours a day.”

As Seo Jang Hoon speculated, “Perhaps you live in a two-story house,” he confirmed, “That’s right. I live upstairs while the rest of the family members live downstairs.” When asked if there is a separate entrance to the second floor, he answered, “Yes, there is.”

“The house is set up perfectly for when your girlfriend visits,” Jang Hoon joked, and Hae Jin playfully denied, saying, “It’s not structured that way.” Then, Shin Dong Yeop chimed in, saying, “But I somewhat agree with him. He will be in big trouble if he happens to ‘argue’ with her in the room that is not soundproof,” making everyone burst into laughter.

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