Weekly TV Top10: ‘My Dearest’ & ‘The First Responders 2’ Get Off to a Weak Start

The First Responders 2

Drama Ranking for 1st Week of August

JTBC’s King the Land concluded in the first place, illustrating a happy ending for Junho and YoonA. Despite receiving criticism for being clichéd throughout its broadcast, it managed to maintain significant popularity until the end, thanks to the two actors’ fantastic chemistry. Netflix’s D.P. 2 rose to second place but has not reached the buzz of the first season. tvN’s The Uncanny Counter 2 also failed to continue the momentum of its first season. The new tvN drama My Lovely Liar, starring Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun, debuted in fourth place. Many expressed satisfaction with the visual chemistry of the two actors, anticipating future developments. The Friday-Saturday drama battle between SBS and MBC that had garnered viewers’ interest ended in disappointing results for all. The First Responders, which returned for a second season, achieved solid ratings but fell short compared to Revenant, the show aired right before, and the online buzz was overshadowed by My Dearest. My Dearest, which had raised expectations about whether Namkoong Min could revive MBC’s sluggish performance, was critiqued for some actors’ performances and the direction. ENA’s Not Others is seeing a rise in ratings through word-of-mouth, and Longing for You has secured a stable viewership.

  1. JTBC King the Land (Share 19.78) 
  2. Netflix D.P. 2 (Share 14.50) 
  3. tvN The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch (Share 12.54) 
  4. tvN My Lovely Liar (Share 7.45) 
  5. MBC My Dearest (Share 7.05) 
  6. SBS The First Responders 2 (Share 6.33)
  7. TV CHOSUN Durian’s Affair (Share 5.98) 
  8. KBS The Real Has Come! (Share 3.81)
  9. ENA Not Others (Share 3.53) 
  10. ENA Longing for You (Share 2.85) 
  1. Junho, King the Land (Share 7.81)
  2. YoonA, King the Land (Share 7.38)
  3. Namkoong Min, My Dearest (Share 3.75)
  4. Koo Kyo Hwan, D.P. 2 (Share 3.26)
  5. Hwang Minhyun, My Lovely Liar (Share 3.24)
  6. Jung Hae In, D.P. 2 (Share 3.23)
  7. Kim So Hyun, My Lovely Liar (Share 3.22)
  8. Ahn Eun Jin, My Dearest (Share 2.71)
  9. Son Suk Ku, D.P. 2 (Share 2.36)
  10. Kang Ki Young, The Uncanny Counter 2 (Share 2.09)


Non-Drama Ranking for 1st Week of August

Amid the ongoing buzz around Channel A’s Heart Signal 4 and its participants, Lim Ji Yeon, who showed off her candid charm on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, rose to the second spot among participants. Also catching attention is His Man 2, a reality show about young gay people’s relationships, which has birthed two couples and ranked in the Top 10 as the season concluded.

  1. Channel A Heart Signal 4 (Share 4.94) 
  2. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.39)
  3. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 3.01)
  4. Wavve His Man 2 (Share 2.84)
  5. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 2.83)
  6. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 2.81)
  7. Mnet Queendom Puzzle (Share 2.35) 
  8. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 2.12)
  9. MBN Dancing Queens on the Road (Share 1.84) 
  10. JTBC R U Next? (Share 1.77)
  1. Shin Min Kyu, Heart Signal 4 (Share 1.85)
  2. Lim Ji Yeon, You Quiz on the Block (Share 1.66)
  3. Shin Sung Ho, His Man 2 (Share 1.56)
  4. Kim Ji Young, Heart Signal 4 (Share 1.55)
  5. Lee Jun Sung, Heart Signal 4 (Share 1.42)
  6. Gian 84, Adventure by Accident 2 (Share 1.21)
  7. Jin Ji Hee, I Live Alone (Share 1.14)
  8. Dex, Adventure by Accident 2 (Share 1.01)
  9. Lee Jung Hyun, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (Share 0.98)
  10. Cha Seung Won, Expedition to Maya (Share 0.94)

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