The Reason Why Producer Na Young Seok Shared Thanks to Park Seo Joon

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Credit: Channel Fullmoon

Producer Na Young Seok expressed his gratitude to Park Seo Joon for coming out on his show upon every request on channel fullmoon.

The video shows producer Na preparing meal boxes for Park Seo Joon and staff members. Producer Na explained why he was getting them ready, saying, “I realized I haven’t thanked Seo Joon before.” He went to the waiting room with a sign that read, ‘Because I Thank You, Park Seo Joon.’

Upon noticing the note, Seo Joon burst into laughter, and Young Seok replied, “I’ve never expressed my gratitude to you despite us knowing each other for six years.” So, I’m about to be very expressive today. I came to see you first to thank you for what you’ve done for me.”

Young Seok talked about him accepting the offer to be on Three Meals a Day: Mountain Village. The producer recalled the days of having to call him all of a sudden and explained, “I was in desperate need to cast someone a day before the filming, so I called him and he said yes without hesitation. Hearing him say yes, I was very thankful to him back then.”

He added, “Even a day before filming the vacation-themed content, Seo Joon made the first appearance as a guest in that episode.” Seo Joon expressed his disappointment that he could not say much during the show as he almost lost his voice due to the screaming scene in the film Dream he was shooting back then. Realizing how thoughtful he was, Young Seok was touched once again, saying, “You came on the show despite being in such a situation.”

Producer Na repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Seo Joon for having come on the show without knowing about the theme. The actor responded, “That’s not something I think about much. I prioritize the relationship with people.”

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