An Sohee and Taemin Reflect on Their Early Debut Days

shinee taemin
shinee taemin
Credit: An Sohee YouTube

Second-generation K-pop legends An Sohee, formerly of Wonder Girls, and SHINee’s Taemin recently took a trip down memory lane.

An Sohee recently dropped a new video on her YouTube channel where Taemin appeared as a guest. Shyly, she introduced, “I’ve always quietly cheered for and admired him. I felt that with YouTube, I could finally muster up the courage to invite him.”

Reflecting on their past, Taemin shared, “I’ve been a fan since you began your career. We promoted for a long time together, and even though we never really had a chance to chat, there was this unspoken camaraderie and mutual support. I’ve always watched her performances.” An responded, “Even when we promoted at the same time, we couldn’t greet each other often. But we’d watch other singers in our green rooms. I always watched SHINee. I’ve been supporting you guys since then.”

Diving deeper into their early days, Taemin recalled, “I always felt we had something in common. We both debuted when we were in 9th grade, right? I remember there were a lot of comparisons between us. Not in a negative way, but more like, ‘Both of them debuted at such a young age.'”

An reminisced about Taemin’s early days. “There’s only a year difference between us. But back then, I remember thinking, ‘Such a young kid has debuted!’ I recall being in awe, watching him from the music show dressing rooms.”

Elaborating on one of his vivid memories, Taemin said, “What I remember strongly is when Wonder Girls had their own private dressing room on Inkigayo, and we (SHINee) shared one with others. Watching them go to their room after pre-recording their performance was awe-inspiring.”

He also reflected on his journey, “It’s kind of embarrassing now. I debuted relatively early, so even when I was considered a ‘senior’ artist, I was still very young or the same age as them. But now, after 16 years in the industry, I’m older and definitely a senior. When I see the rookie artists recording, they look like babies. It reminds me of how I must’ve looked to seniors like g.o.d and Shinhwa back in the day.”

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