Curated Playlist: 5 Must-Listen Songs From the Youngest Members of Various K-pop Groups

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Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated by Yu Jin Kim

BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook, finally made his much-awaited comeback with a new solo single titled, “Seven (feat. Latto).” The song’s music video features Jungkook facing numerous incidents throughout the week with his costar Han So Hee. The scene where the singer smiles in a coffin at his funeral adds a touch of wit toward the end of the video. “Seven” took the top spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart as of July 29th and has maintained its position on Spotify’s Daily Top Song Global Chart for ten consecutive days. Here, we’ve rounded up five hit songs sung by the youngest members of each K-pop group.

SHINee’s Taemin – MOVE (2017)

Taemin, who once mesmerized fans with his dance moves and signature bowl-cut hairstyle in “Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay),” underwent a remarkable image transformation in his solo album. While his first solo work focused mainly on his performance, he established a whole new image under the name “Taemin” with the release of his second full-length album, MOVE and captivated audiences with restrained movements and intense gazes on stage. Taemin’s unique approach caught attention when he unveiled the song at the 2017 Hera Seoul Fashion Week. The rhythmic and dreamy R&B music provided the perfect backdrop for models striding on the runway, adding to the allure of his artistry.

OH MY GIRL’s Arin – Twenty Three (2021)

OH MY GIRL is one of the few long-running idol groups that successfully broke the seven-year curse. They recently released their seventh mini-album titled “Golden Hourglass.” Arin, the youngest member of the group and a sub-vocalist, adds her sweet and clear vocals to their songs. Despite showcasing her presence during the climax of their songs, she hasn’t been given enough lines considering the group’s active years since their debut. To celebrate her 23rd birthday, Arin surprised her disappointed fans by dropping a cover video of IU’s hit song “Twenty Three.” Originally released by IU in 2015, Arin’s version of the track allows fans to enjoy her delicate yet powerful voice and experience the incredible energy she brings to the performance.

STAYC’s J – Don’t Start Now (2021)

STAYC’s youngest member, J, possesses an incredibly alluring deep voice. As the sub-vocalist and rapper of the group, she often kicks off their songs with her stable low-range voice that sets the perfect tone. Whenever the signature sound, “J, J!” is heard on stage, it signifies that the talented singer is about to make her grand appearance. STAYC’s members have been consistent in sharing their cover videos on their official YouTube channel, and recently, J delighted fans with a stunning cover of Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now.” This performance received high praise, showcasing her remarkable vocal talents.

SEVENTEEN’s DINO – High-Five (2022)

SEVENTEEN’s DINO recently treated fans with a captivating “Super” challenge video, featuring his father, a former dance instructor, and his mother, who effortlessly mastered the performance. DINO reportedly learned the art of dance from his father and was inspired by the legendary Michael Jackson to pursue a singing career. Interestingly, despite being the eldest in his family, he holds the title of the youngest member in the 13-member boy group, SEVENTEEN. Notably, his skills go beyond dancing, as he plays a pivotal role in SEVENTEEN’s performance unit, showcasing his remarkable singing abilities and songwriting talents. His self-composed tracks on Soundcloud, such as “0(ZERO)” and “The Real Thing,” feature candid and impactful lyrics, while “High-Five” radiates infectious positive energy.


I.M, the lead rapper of MONSTA X, stands out as the most introverted member in a group filled with extroverted personalities. While other members overflow with boundless energy, he silently observes with keen interest. But what kind of music does he bring as a solo artist? Consistently working on his solo projects, I.M took on the role of producing the entire tracks for his latest EP, “OVERDRIVE,” released in June this year. The album showcases a diverse range of genres, including trap, deep soul, R&B, and jazz. Among them, his title track “OVERDRIVE” leaves a strong impression with its powerful trap sound, perfectly complemented by I.M’s captivating low-range vocals.

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