V to Team Up with NewJeans’ Maker Min Hee Jin for His Official Solo Debut Album

bts v min hee jin
bts v min hee jin
Credit: topstarnews, Big Hit Music

BTS’s V is teaming up with ADOR’s chief producer, Min Hee Jin, for his first solo album.

According to Big Hit Music on the 2nd, V is putting all his energy into his debut solo album. At V’s proposal, Min Hee Jin, the maker of NewJeans, oversees all aspects of the album’s production, including music, choreography, design, and promotion.

Min Hee Jin is the chief producer of ADOR, and after leading the success of NewJeans, she has become one of the most influential figures in K-pop. During her time at SM Entertainment, she has shown great collaboration with boy groups such as SHINee and EXO.

“I received the proposal at the end of last year,” Min said. “Initially, I hesitated due to my packed schedule, but V’s attitude, passion, and his intriguing voice, which I wasn’t familiar with, fascinated me.” She added, “Again, the focus is on the music. I have prepared songs reflecting V’s taste and the music I wanted to suggest. Rather than familiar styles, we focused on the music we wanted to create and could handle well. Despite our hectic schedule, I believe we’ve created something fun.”

V shared his thoughts about releasing his solo album, saying, “I’m nervous but happy.” He continued, “This album is filled with my personal taste. It’s going to be visually rich.” V also commented, “I’ve prepared this album thinking about how happy our ARMY will be. So I hope you look forward to it. You will see a different side of V, a solo artist V, separate from BTS’s V.”

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