Park Bo Young Reveals How Lee Byung Hun’s Incredible Acting Left Her in Awe and Self-Doubt

concrete utopia park bo young
concrete utopia park bo young
Credit: BH Entertainment

Park Bo Young shared her experience of hitting a slump while working with Lee Byung Hun in an interview for Concrete Utopia.

In the movie, Park Bo Young and Lee Byung Hun faced off intensely during the climax, creating a tense atmosphere. She revealed, “I was really worried and unsure if I could do well in this role. Director Um Tae Hwa sent me a picture of Lee Byung Hun in his character, so I saved it as my phone wallpaper and looked at it often to not be intimidated.”

She continued, “Despite that, I got really nervous when I saw him on set. The director tried to ease my nerves by telling me to think of him as an ordinary person or even a little fish. Despite his advice, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.”

Park Bo Young also shared, “Lee Byung Hun’s acting totally blew my mind on set. Like, he was so incredible, it made me doubt my own acting skills. I was like, ‘Why do I feel so inadequate compared to him?’ But then I had to pep-talk myself, like, ‘Girl, you’re not Lee Byung Hun!’ After we wrapped up filming, I started feeling more at ease around him. He kind of kept his distance during work, so I did the same to stay focused on my character. But during our recent promotions for the movie, I found out he’s actually a super cheerful guy with an awesome sense of humor.”

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