Lee Dong Wook “Flirtatiously” Reveals His Fondness for Jang Do Yeon

lee dong wook jang do yeon
lee dong wook jang do yeon
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Lee Dong Wook expressed his fondness for comedian Jang Do Yeon in an unexpected and sweet way.

On the 25th, the YouTube show “Salondrip,” hosted by Jang Do Yeon, unveiled its 10th episode with Lee Dong Wook as a guest.

In the video, Lee Dong Wook confessed, “My shoulder ligaments are strained, and the bones have moved apart. The muscle here is torn. I got injured while shooting an action scene in yesterday’s final drama shoot.” But soon, he added, “I owe a debt to Jang Do Yeon. I felt sorry that her extraordinary talent was overshadowed when we were hosting a talk show together. I came today to congratulate her on becoming a solo emcee and to repay that debt.”

Lee once again stressed, “I came for Jang Do Yeon,” then asked her, “Didn’t I text you? Call me whenever you need. Actually, I’m usually the one to contact her first.” The actor jokingly chided Jang Do Yeon, asking, “Why don’t you contact me?” to which she flirtatiously replied, “Oh, I got butterflies now. I’ll contact you tonight, then.”

Jang later asked Lee, “If you were to list your top 10 friends,” to which he confidently replied, “Jang Do Yeon is definitely on the list. I always have her in mind. Even though my shoulder muscle is torn and it hurts to be just sitting down, the fact that I’m here chatting is all for her.”

Upon hearing this, Jang Do Yeon playfully asked, “Can I ask directly? When are you going to ask me out?” And Lee blurted out, “Soon,” with a grin.

Even during the break, Lee’s sweet flirting didn’t stop. He complimented Jang, saying, “You’ve become prettier,” and when she jokingly asked him to “spread the rumor,” he responded, “Everyone knows. They all know you’re pretty.”

On a side note, Lee Dong Wook and Jang Do Yeon worked together in the 2019 SBS talk show Wook Talk.

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