Netflix Unveils Main Poster and Trailer for Its Fresh Zombie Action-Reality Show ‘Zombieverse’

zombieverse netflix
zombieverse netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has unveiled the main poster and trailer for its innovative zombie action variety show, Zombieverse.

Zombieverse is a survival-style variety show in which the cast must complete tasks in parts of Seoul that have been suddenly overrun by a zombie apocalypse. Lee Si Young, Noh Hong Chul, Park Na Rae, Jonathan, Patricia, Hong Sung Woo, Dex, DinDin, Tsuki, and former baseball player Yoo Hee Kwan make up the cast.

The main trailer, which opens with a scene of cast members laughing peacefully on set before a horde of zombies suddenly intrudes, takes us from the streets of Hongdae to supermarkets and amusement parks – all overrun by zombies. The ten-member cast are seen running for their lives amongst the charging zombies, with the ultimate goal of surviving long enough to safely board an evacuation ship at Wolmido. Their perilous journey promises to heighten viewer anticipation.

zombieverse netflix
Credit: Netflix

In particular, scenes of Lee Si Young and Noh Hong Chul bravely fighting against the zombies head-on, Yoo Hee Kwan trapped by the encircling zombies, and Jonathan and Patricia desperately searching for each other, are juxtaposed against the zombies charging recklessly at the cast, promising to deliver an intense, spine-chilling atmosphere to viewers.

The production team gave a tantalizing glimpse into what to expect from the show. “There will be cast members who are immediately killed by zombies, becoming zombies themselves or manage to survive but slowly turn into zombies due to infection,” they shared. “Whether the remaining cast chooses to look after or abandon these individuals will be entirely their decision.”

The show brings together the talents of Park Jin Kyung, chief producer of My Little Television, and Welcome, First Time in Korea? director Moon Sang Don.

The art team behind the Netflix series All of Us Are Dead and the choreographer for the zombie action scenes in Kingdom have also joined the project, ensuring a highly realistic set for the show.

Source: Netflix

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