Nam Tae Hyun Talks About Fighting Drug Addiction at the Rehab Center

nam tae hyun news
nam tae hyun news
Credit: YouTuve “Kizzle”

Nam Tae Hyun has revealed an update on his rehabilitation following drug abuse.

On July 24th, the YouTube channel “Kizzle” released a new video featuring the drug addiction rehab center run by Choi Jin Muk, a former drug addict who cleaned himself up. Nam Tae Hyun, under non-custodial prosecution for drug use, is currently undergoing treatment in this facility.

Giving an update, Nam said, “Since entering the center, I’ve been working hard on recovery and planning on how to move forward with my life.” When asked about how he got into drugs, he explained, “I had been taking psychiatric medication for about ten years, and I think that blurred the line for me. I ended up getting swept up and started using.”

His life drastically changed after spending around two months at the center. “My life pattern has changed. When I was living alone, I slept, woke up, and drank whenever I wanted. That’s not possible here,” he said. “Bedtime is at 11 PM, and wake-up time is at 8 AM. Drinking is strictly prohibited. I think the quality of my life has improved.”

Nam continued, “I’m clearer in mind. I feel a lot of guilt when I break the rules. I feel ashamed and deeply apologetic for having a negative influence.”

In closing, Nam warned those who might be curious about drugs. “Don’t be curious. Drug addicts think they become Superman, but it doesn’t feel that way at all,” he cautioned. “I truly believe I made a mistake. Even a single spark of curiosity can rob you of everything. So I want to say, don’t even entertain curiosity.”

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun’s meth use was revealed in August last year, following accusations made by his ex-girlfriend, Seo Min Jae.

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