Jo In Sung Opens Up About Lee Kwang Soo Being His Dearest Friend

Credit: YouTube “Pinggyego”

Jo In Sung revealed that Lee Kwang Soo holds a special place as his dearest friend.

The recent episode of the YouTube show “Pinggyego” features the stars of Moving, Jo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, and Han Hyo Joo. One of the commonalities discussed among the trio was their friendship with Lee Kwang Soo.

When asked by the host, Yoo Jae Suk, what Kwang Soo means to him, Jo In Sung playfully referred to him as “an aching finger.” He explained, “Kwang Soo is high maintenance. He’s very delicate yet intelligent. As a result, he tends to get hurt a lot and often lands himself in distress.” Yoo Jae Suk chimed in, expressing his agreement and adding, “That’s so accurate.”

Jo shared further about a recent trip they took together. “We went on a trip recently. I saw him walking with (Kim) Woo Bin and (Do) Kyung Soo, and I realized how grown up he is now. Kwang Soo, being the oldest of them, has grown a lot through his distress,” the actor candidly revealed.

In response, Yoo commented, “Kwang Soo is indeed very grateful to Jo In Sung. He talks to In Sung about how he feels.” Jo agreed and said, “And Jae Suk also showers Kwang Soo with a lot of affection. Kwang Soo has blossomed through the love of many. He has really become a good person.” Yoo, expressing his affection, said, “Now that we’re talking about him, I miss Kwang Soo.”

Meanwhile, Moving is a human action series that portrays the story of children living in the present while hiding their supernatural abilities and parents harboring painful secrets from the past. The show is set to globally release seven episodes simultaneously on Disney Plus on August 9th. Following the premiere, two episodes will be released every week.

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