Go Behind the Scenes of ‘King the Land’: Junho and YoonA’s Sweet Chemistry

King the Land junho yoona
King the Land junho yoona
Credit: BY4M STUDIO, Npio Entertainment, SLL

JTBC released several behind-the-scenes photos of King the Land, starring YoonA and Junho.

In the new wedding photo, Junho and YoonA shine in traditional wedding attire, with smiles on their faces.

Other photos offer a glimpse into the table-setting scene featured in Episode 7, where Chen Sa Rang teaches Goo Won about the hotelier’s mindset. During the scene, they skillfully created a lovely vibe and impressively portrayed their characters’ emotions.

In another photo, Goo Won swoops down on Sa Rang. The actors wear bright smiles while rehearsing the scenes to enhance their on-screen chemistry, hinting at the friendly atmosphere on set.

In another picture, YoonA, Go Won Hee, and Kim Ga Eun are seen looking happy with their arms around each other, showcasing their sweet friendship. A playful moment between Junho and Ahn Se Ha is also well captured in another image.

Lastly, the six cast members of King the Land exude their feisty energy in the group photo.

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