‘D.P. 2’ First Review: ‘Outstanding Performances in Each Episode’, ‘Broader Range of Subjects’

dp season 2 review
dp season 2 review
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Netflix has been met with an enthusiastic response from both the press and fans following the preview screening of D.P. Season 2.

dp season 2 review
Credit: ZAPZEE

In D.P. Season 2, we witness Jun Ho (played by Jung Hae In) and Ho Yeol (Koo Kyo Hwan), the military deserter pursuit team, as they continue to face the harsh realities head-on. The new season picks up from the shocking ending of Season 1, where the pain of Private Jo Seok Bong’s incident was still fresh. The first episode begins with Seok Bong’s friend, Kim Ruri, firing a gun at a room full of other soldiers. Season 2 explores the struggles of those who are determined to make even the smallest difference in this challenging reality.

dp season 2 review
Credit: ZAPZEE

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what the media outlets and viewers have to say:

dp season 2 review
Credit: Netflix
 Responses from media outlets:

OSEN: “Season 2 kicks off with a powerful first episode, which interestingly is titled Episode 7.”

STAR TODAY: “The actors skillfully depict the characters’ deepening struggles with subtle yet explosive expressions.”

NEWSEN: “Season 1’s focus on ‘people’ remains intact, and Moon Sang Hoon, Bae Na Ra, Lim Sung Jae, Choi Hyun Wook and others deliver outstanding performances in each episode.”

Kyunghyang Shinmun: “The portrayal of deserters has become more diverse, and the series now explores a broader range of subjects.”

NEWS1: “The series shines a spotlight on societal issues where diversity is not acknowledged, and differences are unjustly labeled as ‘wrong.'”

dp season 2 review
Credit: Netflix
Responses from viewers:

“As a continuation of Season 1, the story and characters seamlessly blend, making it an incredibly satisfying drama series.”

“After watching the fan preview of D.P. Season 2 (Episodes 1-3), I have to say Moon Sang Hoon’s acting was INCREDIBLE.”

“If you are a fan of Park Beom Gu, you will definitely be blown away starting from Episode 7. Trust me, I was already mind-blown!”

“The D.P. that had me completely hooked back in August 2021 is finally back! Episodes 7 to 9 (Season 2, Episodes 1 to 3) were just shown, and let me tell you, they pick up right where the last season left off (Episodes 7 and 8). You should absolutely binge-watch them!”

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