Shin Hye Sun & Kang Tae Oh’s Thriller ‘Target’ Confirms August Release

shin hye sun new movie
shin hye sun new movie
Credit: YNK Entertainment, @star1, Showbox

Target, the gripping new thriller headlined by Shin Hye Sun, Kim Sung Kyun, and Kang Tae Oh, is slated to hit theaters on August 30th.

Target tells a heart-stopping story of Soo Hyun, whose life takes a dangerous turn after she buys something secondhand online.

The movie takes place in the world of online reselling, a trend we’re all familiar with. It expertly weaves thrilling elements into a relatable story. As Soo Hyun becomes the victim of an unforeseen crime, you can’t help but wonder, “Could this happen to me?” Shin Hye Sun’s exceptional performance as an ordinary office worker adds to the suspense, making this thriller even more captivating.

shin hye sun new movie
Credit: Plus M Entertainment

Kim Sung Kyun delivers a captivating performance as Detective Ju, a cyber-investigation specialist determined to crack down on the resale crime. Joining the cast, Kang Tae Oh, known for his role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, plays Detective Ju’s rookie partner.

The launch poster of an opened delivery box draws attention with its unique concept. The chilling caption on the torn package tape reads, “Bought from a murderer today,” with blood traces. The suspense is further amplified by the unidentified object inside the box, a symbol of the mysterious and horrifying series of events that Soo Hyun is about to face.


Source: Plus M Entertainment

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