‘Ransomed’ First Reviews: ‘Enjoyable Summer Flick’, ‘Full-on Mediocrity Fest’

ransomed korean movie
ransomed korean movie
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A press screening for the action film Ransomed took place at Megabox COEX on July 13th, where actors Ha Jung Woo, Ju Ji Hoon, and director Kim Sung Hoon shared insights about the movie.

Ransomed follows diplomat Min Joon (played by Ha Jung Woo) and local taxi driver Pan Su (Ju Ji Hoon) on a mission to rescue Min Joon’s missing colleague in Lebanon.

When asked if the director had met the real-life individuals who inspired the story, Kim Sung Hoon explained, “We actually got permission from the real diplomat and listened to his story. He may have been in a position where he himself was perhaps the least knowledgeable about his story and felt a lot of pressure regarding sharing his personal story with others. So, we respected his privacy and built a story that centers around the mission to save his colleague, rather than delving too much into his personal experiences.”

Ha Jung Woo talked about the great chemistry among the cast, saying, “We shot most of the scenes in Morocco. We stayed together, had plenty of time to chat about the story, and even hung out privately. I think the chemistry with the director and Ju Ji Hoon was fantastic.”

Ju Ji Hoon discussed the difficulties he encountered while filming, explaining, “I was in charge of driving because I played the role of a taxi driver. Even though there weren’t any crazy Fast & Furious moments, I still had to be mindful of safety. I also had to drive my two costars and the director on bumpy, unpaved roads. It was a real nerve-wracking experience.”

Now, let’s dive into what the press is saying about Ransomed:

SPOTV NEWS: One of the great strengths of Ransomed is that it doesn’t try to do too much and keeps a good balance. It doesn’t rely too heavily on humor or push for tears. The movie strikes a perfect balance as it takes us through the hostage rescue process with a delightful mix of lighthearted humor between the characters, thrilling action sequences, and a gentle touch of emotion stemming from the personal growth of the characters.

MY DAILY: Ransomed is a captivating film that combines the thrilling true story of a real-life hostage situation with creative imagination. Director Kim Sung Hoon, known for his ability to portray intense struggles in films like A Hard Day and Tunnel, shines once again in this gripping suspense.

STAR TODAYRansomed tries to capture that buddy movie vibe but misses the mark. Can’t quite amp up that thrilling rush of Fast & Furious. Feels more like a government employee version of Mission Impossible, led by Ha Jung Woo.

STARNEWS: Ransomed delivers a perfect blend of humor and action that makes it an enjoyable summer flick. Moreover, with thrilling car chases set in 1980s Lebanon, it offers a refreshing and exhilarating time. However, there is a slight lull in the story after the diplomat is rescued, leaving a feeling that it could have been tighter in that part.

The Kyunghyang Shinmun: Everything about the movie screams average, from its clichés plot to its predictable pacing and ending. It’s a full-on mediocrity fest, where a promising concept gets lost in the shuffle.

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