Ha Jung Woo & Ju Ji Hoon’s Buddy Action Flick ‘Ransomed’ Announces August Release

ju ji hoon new movie
ju ji hoon new movie
Credit: Showbox

The movie Ransomed, directed by Kim Seong Hun of the Kingdom series and featuring a star-studded cast of. Ha Jung Woo and Ju Ji Hoon, has confirmed its release for August.


Ransomed tells the tale of diplomat Min Jun who sets off on a perilous journey to Lebanon in a desperate bid to find his missing colleague and a local taxi driver Pan Su. Ha Jung Woo and Ju Ji Hoon, previously seen showcasing their dynamic chemistry as the Grim Reaper duo in the Along with the Gods franchise, are once again set to charm audiences.

In the film, Ha Jung Woo steps into the shoes of Min Jun, a ballsy diplomat of humble origin who dreams of being dispatched to the States if he can successfully complete his mission. His assignment takes him to Lebanon when his colleague manages to send a signal 20 months after going missing. But Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is a lawless land embroiled in civil war. Amid unpredictable circumstances where his own life is on the line, he runs into Pan Su.

Ju Ji Hoon brings to life the character of Pan Su, the only Korean and a sly trickster surviving the fierce civil war in Beirut. He accompanies Min Jun, who arrived in Lebanon without any support.

ju ji hoon new movie
Credit: Showbox

The recently released stills pique interest with the vibrant portrayals of diplomat Min Jun and taxi driver Pan Su. The sight of Min Jun throwing his fist at Pan Su and their tense standoff in the exotic scenery stokes curiosity about the dynamic incidents that the duo will experience in Beirut.

Set in Lebanon in 1987, this action-packed, thrilling journey is slated to hit the screen in August.

Source: Showbox

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