‘Durian’s Affair’ Viewers Reactions: ‘Tuned in for the Craziness’, ‘Surprisingly Enjoyable’

Durian's Affair
Durian's Affair

TV Chosun’s latest sensation, Durian’s Affair, is making waves with its bold and unique concept, showcasing the remarkable talent of renowned writer Phoebe, also known as Im Sung Han.

In this captivating romantic drama, two noblewomen journey through time, landing in the modern world of 2023, where they become entangled in the lives of men living in the present. Blending the complexities of past and present, the series follows the heartfelt tale of a daughter-in-law (Yoon Hye Young) who finds herself harboring deep emotions for her mother-in-law (Choi Myung Gil).

Here’s a glimpse of what fans are saying about the romantic storyline in Durian’s Affair:

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