Kim Seon Ho Dishes on His Successful Comeback With ‘The Childe’

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Kim Seon Ho has triumphantly returned to the limelight and made a successful screen debut.

His encounter with acclaimed director Park Hoon Jung has allowed him to display his acting versatility in The Childe, and his strong performance has solidified his image as a proficient actor, captivating audiences and critics alike.

When asked about people’s significant interest in The Childe, Kim said, “It’s amazing to receive such attention for my work in a film. I’ve even asked my friends about their friends’ reactions to the film. I wanted a completely third-party perspective. I’m filled with a fluttery kind of tension.”

Discussing the scandal that surfaced just before filming and how he spoke about it with the director and the production team, the actor commented, “It’s hard to guess what Director Park was feeling at the time. I felt a mix of regret and gratitude. In the end, he said, ‘As long as you’re okay, we’re prepared to see this through.’ I responded, ‘I’ll do it.’ I felt gratitude towards The Childe team, but my dominant thought was that I shouldn’t cause any further inconvenience.”

Though Kim was much loved for his warm, romantic portrayals on the small screen, his shift to the big screen came with a surprise. In response to his casting in The Childe, he shared, “I got the offer even before I started the drama. I met with the director and expressed my enthusiasm, saying ‘I’m your biggest fan. I want to work with you.’ Although I hadn’t seen the script, they briefed me on the role at the initial meeting. But personally, the desire to work with the director was so strong, I would’ve accepted regardless of the project.”

Credit: NEW

Recalling his first day of shooting, Kim’s eyes lit up, “After filming the first scene, the cinematographer clapped, exclaiming ‘Wow!’ I felt really good. There’s something gratifying about it.”

On playing a character with many profanity-laden lines, he shared, “The director told me, ‘Your everyday speech is too polite. Watch a lot of reference films.’ He also advised me, ‘When it’s time to be angry, you don’t need to act restrained. You need to portray more anger.'” He added, “My life’s motto is ‘Don’t bother anyone.’ (When I watched those films) even the way the character said, ‘What are you looking at’ was different. That’s when I understood when to express anger and when to restrain.”

Regarding the twists in The Childe, Kim added, “If it wasn’t evident, then my acting was lacking. There’s a scene where my character chases Marco intensely, then suddenly coughs up blood and stops chasing him. Those expressions were not easy to act. Knowing that my character is actually sick but having to portray ‘I’m fine’ casually, I think I was building the validity of my own acting. I hope that part was noticeable (laughs).”

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