Song Ji Hyo’s Attorney Exposes UZUROCKS’ Delayed Settlement Payments

song ji hyo uzurocks
song ji hyo uzurocks
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Song Ji Hyo’s attorney has revealed the full story behind the settlement payment lawsuit against her former agency, UZUROCKS.


On the 4th, the actress’ attorney shed light on the details of the legal battle, including the claims and demands for settlement payments. “There has been no ‘coordination’ or ‘discussion’ regarding the payment with UZUROCKS,” they stated. “We only became aware of the delay in payment or the new payment schedule unilaterally or through the media.”

Furthermore, Song Ji Hyo’s side explained, “UZUROCKS didn’t pay the settlement that was originally due on February 10th. Only after the legal representative urged them twice did they draft a debt repayment agreement, promising to pay the settlement amount by April 10th. However, this promise was not fulfilled. And Song Ji Hyo had no choice but to terminate the exclusive contract and resort to criminal prosecution.”

According to the statement, UZUROCKS unilaterally postponed the due date for the payment, which they had originally announced they would fulfill by the 25th of last month. Regarding this, they made no contact with Song Ji Hyo or her legal representative and only revealed it through the media.

In response, the attorney added, “We have no choice but to continue with the current legal proceedings until the payment is made.”

Song Ji Hyo is currently in a legal dispute with UZUROCKS, the agency she has terminated her exclusive contract and is suing for unpaid settlement, and has filed a criminal complaint against the former representative. The amount Song Ji Hyo has not received from UZUROCKS amounts to approximately 980 million won (about $844,000).

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