Go Behind the Scenes of ‘King the Land’ With Junho and YoonA

junho yoona
junho yoona
Credit: YoonA YouTube Channel

Junho and YoonA showed off their sweet chemistry in a new behind-the-scenes video of JTBC’s King the Land.

YoonA uploaded a new YouTube video titled Go Behind the Scenes of ‘King the Land’ on Jeju Island (literal title) on June 26th.


The clip had YoonA and Junho filming the series at the airport. Although she was worried about having a stuffy nose from the cold, the filming was completed without any issues. The next day, she was seen getting herself ready for the shooting while checking her look with the mirror, and suddenly acted cute by making heart shapes with her hands over her head. Junho saw her and jokingly said, “What are you doing now?” with a laugh. Embarrassed, she went, “I’m just trying to get myself hyper.” to which he responded, “Oh was that it?” with playful smiles.

YoonA and Juho’s King the Land  follows the journey of the two contrasting characters as Goo Won (played by Junho) despises smiles and happiness while Chun Sa Rang always has to put on a big smile due to the nature of her profession. Together, they work to recreate their workplace into a fun and enjoyable environment. The show’s fourth episode has already achieved a viewership rating of 9.6 percent, almost double the premiere’s 5.1 percent.

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