‘The Good Bad Mother’ Audience Reactions: ‘The Most Perfect Ending Ever’, ‘Truly Satisfying’

the good bad mother finale
the good bad mother ending
Credit: JTBC

JTBC drama The Good Bad Mother wrapped up its run with a heartwarming finale on June 8th.

According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode garnered an impressive nationwide rating of 12 percent, securing the top spot across all channels.

In the episode, Young Soon (played by Ra Mi Ran) saw her dreams come true, while Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) delivered a gratifying revenge after regaining his memories. He finally exposed Tae Soo (Jung Woong In) and Woo Byuk’s (Choi Moo Sung) long-concealed crime, bringing them to justice.

Young Soon, who came to realize the true value of life and her own happiness, found comfort by Kang Ho’s side as she peacefully closed her eyes. Meanwhile, Kang Ho and Mi Ju (Ahn Eun Jin) pledged their eternal love to one another and found their happy ending. To add to the excitement, a delightful twist unfolded as the true identity of the mayor’s wife (Park Bo Kyung) was revealed.

After watching the final episode, viewers congratulated the drama for its immensely satisfying conclusion. Here are some translated responses that captured the excitement surrounding the drama’s conclusion:

“Here’s why The Good Bad Mother is truly satisfying: Not only does Kang Ho understand his mother from the beginning, but she also acknowledges her mistakes and expresses genuine remorse to Kang Ho until the very end. Additionally, the drama beautifully captures the ongoing lives of the other characters, keeping their stories intact. The drama’s town feels unbelievably real!”

“The last letter that Young Soon wrote to Kang Ho. She expressed her regrets about her actions in this lifetime and promised not to repeat them in the next. She made a heartfelt request to be reborn as Kang Ho’s mother again, leaving behind her final wish as the good, bad mother.”

“This drama had the most clean and perfect ending ever. It felt like watching a well-made movie.”

“I really liked the last episode of The Good Bad Mother, but that Kang Ho singing scene was hard to watch. There were so many other scenes like that, and I can’t get over how things went down for the mayor’s wife. It’s imprinted in my brain. Seriously, that’s all I can remember.”

“진짜 황당 봉황당임.. 이장 아내 정체가 야쿠자 2세인지 3세란다”

“The ending I had in mind for The Good Bad Mother was that Kang Ho drops the ultimate bombshell, revealing he’s the father of Yejin and Sejin, and he walks down the aisle with Mi Joo. With their moms side by side, clapping in pure bliss, Yejin and Sejin toss flower petals like it’s raining happiness. Fast forward, they’re all living in perfect harmony under one roof, and even the whole hood joins in peaceful visits to Kang Ho’s mom’s grave. That’s the dream ending I envisioned…”

The ending of The Good Bad Mother mirrors the drama’s beginning, as Kang Ho proposes to Mi Ju, just like how Hae Sik proposed to Young Soon.”

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