Kim Woo Bin Slams Mistreatment of Rookie Models in the Fashion Industry

kim woo bin model
kim woo bin model
Credit: Pixid

Kim Woo Bin has set hearts aflutter with his latest video, in which he takes on the role of mentor to a group of budding models.

On the 7th, a video titled “Find the Fake Model Among the Real Rookie Models (feat. Kim Woo Bin)” was posted on the Pixid YouTube channel.

In the video, the star joined the group chat of four rookie models as “someone who is not a rookie model” and communicated with them only through text without seeing their faces.

Kim Woo Bin introduced himself as a model working as a part-time deliveryman, amidst the growing suspicion. He explained, “I do modeling while working as a delivery driver. Modeling gigs are not always available.” In a subsequent interview, Kim Woo Bin said, “I was slightly surprised. I thought people would react like, ‘Oh, really?’ But their response was more like, ‘What the heck?'” He chuckled, wiping off the sweat.

When asked about his experience on set, Kim Woo Bin shared a story, saying, “During my graduation project, I was the first model and wore fishnet stockings with hot pants.” Hearing this, the group became skeptical and disbelief crept in. Kim Woo Bin showed his embarrassment and said, “It’s true. My friends came to see the show, and I walked out wearing fishnet stockings with hot pants. I hope the fashion designer is doing well, I haven’t heard from him for a while.” He laughed, lightening the mood.

As their conversation continued, one of the rookie models shared a frustrating experience, saying, “I once went to a shoot, and without my agreement, the number of outfits I had to wear increased exponentially. Can you believe it? I ended up having to wear 80 different outfits.” Hearing this, Kim Woo Bin furrowed his brows and asked, genuinely surprised, “80 outfits? How much did they pay you?” The room fell silent as the rookie model revealed the shocking amount of just 400,000 won ($300) for that gig. Infuriated, Kim Woo Bin exclaimed, “400,000 won for 80 outfits? Who was the brand behind this? Let the world know while you’re on this show.” The others in the chatroom offered comforting words to soothe his anger.

Kim Woo Bin exclaimed in an interview after the segment, saying, “Seriously, whoever owns that brand, they crossed the line.” He further emphasized, “The world needs to know that paying 400,000 won for wearing and taking pictures of 80 outfits is not acceptable. They really need to think about it.” His strong, determined words grabbed everyone’s attention.

Everyone was stunned when his identity was finally revealed. He remarked with a warm smile, saying, “Of course, I never thought I’d be caught,” showcasing a friendly and affectionate chemistry with the rookie models.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin is set to appear in the Netflix film Black Knight, which will be released on May 12th.

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