The Surprising Unknown Fact About ‘Doctor Cha’ Actor Kim Byung Chul

doctor cha kim byung chul
doctor cha kim byung chul
Credit: JTBC

It turns out that there is an interesting fact about talented actor Kim Byung Chul, who is currently portraying the villainous character Seo In Ho in popular JTBC weekend drama Doctor Cha. Despite being 50 years old this year, many fans and viewers are surprised to learn that the actor is still single. This revelation has caused quite a stir among fans and sparked various reactions online.

It was five years ago when he made his bachelor status official during an appearance on KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly. With his impressive performance as the unfaithful husband in Doctor Cha, some were surprised and commented, “I could have sworn he was married” and “Isn’t he a loving dad?”

Many online communities have dubbed him as an “actor who is often misunderstood to be married.” This is largely due to his remarkable ability to embody the roles of married men in his previous works, and especially in his latest drama series. His convincing portrayal of a cheating husband has only added to the misconception that he is married in real life.

doctor cha kim byung chul
Credit: SBS

Kim Byung-chul is currently single, but he has expressed a strong desire to get married. During his appearance on the SBS entertainment show Dolsing Fourmen last month to promote the drama, he shared, “I definitely want to get married someday,” and jokingly added, “I can give up everything for marriage.” Although it was a lighthearted comment, it also showed his sincere willingness to settle down.

During the production announcement of Doctor Cha, he shared, “When I appeared in Sky Castle, viewers hated me although I was faithful to my family and wife in the drama.” He further added, “This time, Myung Se Bin plays In Ho’s first love, while Uhm Jung Hwa plays his current wife. This situation alone is likely to lead to a different outcome than before.” With a smile, he expressed his concern, saying, “I’m a bit nervous about how viewers will react to this kind of storyline.”

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