‘Risqué Business: Japan’ Director Addresses Controversy Over Including Adult Video Actresses on the Netflix Show

risqué business japan
risqué business japan
Credit: Netflix

Producer Jung Hyo Min shared his thoughts as a director of Risqué Business: Japan regarding the appearance of Japanese adult video actresses.

An interview with producer Jung Hyo Min and Kim In Sik behind Netflix reality show Risqué Business: Japan was held in Seoul on May 2nd.

Risqué Business: Japan is a reality TV show that explores adult culture industry figures with a humorous and candid approach, featuring Shin Dong Yeop and Sung Si Kyung as hosts. Although the show was released on April 25th and generated attention, the second episode featuring three Japanese adult video actresses caused controversy.

In the second episode of Risqué Business: Japan, Shin Dong Yeop and Sung Si Kyung engaged in an open and honest discussion with three adult video actresses. However, some viewers expressed their disapproval of the program, claiming that it didn’t properly recognize the seriousness of the issue and downplayed the influence of the adult video industry in a nation where such practices are illegal. Despite the show’s R-rated rating and availability on Netflix’s paid platform, some viewers still felt that the show went too far.

There were even calls for Shin Dong Yeop to step down from his other programs, such as Animal Farm, Amazing Saturday, and True Story Expedition.

After a week of silence, the show’s director, Jung Hyo Min, addressed the controversy. He stated, “Many people are curious about the legality of adult videos in Korea, so I’ll clear that up for you. The production and distribution of such videos are considered illegal activities. However, watching them privately as an individual is not illegal. On the other hand, in Japan, it is legal to produce adult videos, and there are also other countries in the world where this is the case.”

He continued, “During the production of the Japan episodes, I was faced with the question of whether or not to cover the adult video industry. However, in Japan, the adult video industry represents the entire adult entertainment industry. Although there may be cultural issues, we wanted to handle the topic by maintaining a neutral attitude and respecting their profession rather than focusing on right or wrong. My goal was to explore the personal beliefs and professional responsibilities of those who work in the industry.”

Director Jung Hyo Min, who previously directed Korea’s Got Talent, Witch Hunt, and Hyori’s Homestay, stated, “The memory of Witch Hunt from 10 years ago just came to mind. We have already heard stories from adult video performers, and young people are already exposed to their experiences and stories on YouTube. In approaching this topic, my intention was to cover it carefully with respect while presenting a humane and neutral portrayal that provides a deeper understanding of how their world operates. The same approach was taken when covering the topic of adult videos.”

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