Inside the Diets of Korean Celebrities: How Ha Ji Won, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and More Stay in Shape

korean celebrities diet
korean celebrities diet

K-pop stars may seem to have it all: fame, fortune, and an army of adoring fans. But behind their polished and glamorous image lies a relentless pursuit of self-discipline. These superstars have no time for breaks or slacking off as they relentlessly work to keep their bodies and minds in peak condition.

Ha Ji Won enjoys eating ramen, but she restricts herself to indulging in it only once or twice a year to maintain her glowing and healthy-looking skin. In a recent official video released by her agency, she disclosed, “I’m having instant noodles for the first time in a year because I tend to break out after eating them. So, I avoid consuming them when I have a filming schedule.”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is also mindful of her diet and revealed that she rarely eats ramen. Known for her petite frame and healthy eating habits, Taeyeon once explained on a variety show why she keeps her diet light. She said, “I eat ramen less than once a year. It’s just too heavy for me.”

Cho Yeo Jeong considers eating jajangmyeon to be an annual occasion, according to her best friend Ock Joo Hyun. She has previously mentioned that she enjoys indulging in the dish once a year, along with instant noodles like ramen.

Woo Do Hwan, the next guest star of MBC’s I Live Alone, is known for following a strict diet regimen. In the show’s new preview trailer, he starts his day with a cup of water and then keeping his stomach empty throughout the day. Do Hwan has been diligently staying in shape for years now, and he revealed the reason behind his discipline, stating, “I have been sticking to a strict diet to ensure that I am always ready for an audition that could happen at any time.”

Without a doubt, celebrities put in a lot of effort to maintain their camera-ready appearance.

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