Legal Battle Looms as Yoo Ah In’s Agency Responds to Unconfirmed Media Reports

yoo ah in drugs
yoo ah in drugs
Credit: Yeonhap News

Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA, announced a strong response, including legal action, against unverified media reports amidst an ongoing police investigation of his drug use on the 12th.

UAA stated, “So far, Yoo Ah In and the agency have refrained from making any comments on the ongoing investigation or related matters. The actor’s position, as previously stated, remains unchanged: he will sincerely cooperate with the investigation and accept any punishment.” However, they added, “We aim to correct the facts regarding situations where non-public, unresolved investigation details are being disclosed to the media for unknown reasons, and unconfirmed news continues to spread.”

The agency heralded legal action against an exclusive report about Yoo Ah In’s frequent visits to a club in Itaewon with other celebrities. “The article was written based solely on the testimony of A and was reported through speculation without any factual verification of the testimony. It appears as if (Yoo Ah In) had used drugs at the club every week,” the company stated.

Regarding the reports about the zolpidem, UAA admitted, “It is true that Yoo Ah In has been taking sleeping pills with the substance due to long-term insomnia.” However, they argued, “For the past six months, he has been using sleeping pills with different substances and never used them for any purpose other than sleep.”

Finally, they emphasized, “We will actively respond, including taking legal action, to the fake news and indiscriminate ‘hearsay’ reporting unrelated to the contents of the police investigation.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In is accused of habitually administering a total of more than 100 doses of propofol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. On the 27th of last month, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Division summoned Yoo Ah In as a suspect on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act and conducted an investigation for about 12 hours. The police plan to summon the actor again as soon as they wrap up the investigation of accomplices.

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