Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s Wedding Sparks Debate Over Jewelry Advertisement

lee seung gi and lee da in wedding
lee seung gi and lee da in wedding
Credit: Youtube Channel @ee3726

There is a heated debate among fans about a jewelry advertisement that appeared at Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s wedding.

Various online communities uploaded a photo on April 11th, which captured a scene from Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s wedding video. The photo shows Lee Seung Gi preparing to serenade Lee Da In with his song “Will You Marry Me?” on stage, which was later shared on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Before Lee Seung Gi started singing, fans noticed something in the background behind him and Lee Da In. It turned out to be a jewelry brand advertisement, which was displayed on the screen for about 7 seconds.

Some fans left sarcastic comments, as the scene resembled a TV commercial being broadcasted during a wedding. One of them wrote, “It’s the first time I’ve seen a TV commercial at a wedding. It’s probably a sponsored ad.” and further added, “It seems like they are being cautious about what’s being shown due to the negative public opinion about them. But did they really have to air that ad during this special moment in their lives?”

Another person said, “They probably wanted to pretend it was a private event like the trend these days, but they couldn’t make it private for real.” Some speculated they had to receive sponsorship because they announced they would donate most of the wedding expenses.

Some fans, however, argued that there was nothing wrong with the advertisement and that people should not make a big deal out of it. One fan said, “The bride and groom must have agreed to it, so why is a third party making a fuss about it?” and added, “Weddings are one of the biggest events in life, and it’s reasonable to proceed efficiently by receiving sponsorship.”

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