Kyun Mi Ri Donates Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi’s Wedding Gifts to Charity Amidst Suspicions

lee da in mother
lee da in mother
Credit: Instagram ‘xx__dain’, Women Sense

Kyun Mi Ri has decided to donate all the gift money from her daughter’s wedding to charity. However, the news has sparked a heated controversy.

According to The Fact on the 10th, Kyun Mi Ri expressed her intention to donate the wedding gifts received at her daughter Lee Da In’s wedding to Lee Seung Gi to support people with disabilities and underprivileged children. Her plan is to donate the money as a sponsorship to the Korean Association of Disabled Persons Information and the non-profit organization Gongsaeng Gonggam as a token of gratitude for the guests who attended and blessed the wedding.

lee da in mother
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However, people raised suspicions about the donation, pointing out that the Honorary Chairman of Donation of the Korean Association of Disabled Persons is Kyun Mi Ri and her husband, and the laundry business operated by Gongsaeng Gonggam for low-income families is called “Mi Ri Cleaner.”

They argued, “Isn’t it like donating from one’s left pocket to the right?”, “Is it for tax evasion purposes?” and “Isn’t it just a publicity stunt to donate to her own foundation?”

In response to the controversy, Lee Geum Joo, the head of Gongsaeng Gonggam, expressed discomfort about the suspicion. “While Kyun Mi Ri is a generous supporter, the foundation does not belong to her,” she stated and called the ongoing suspicions “an act that ruins the intention of someone who purely engaged in volunteer work.”

lee da in mother
Credit: Online Community

Moreover, regarding the wedding gifts donations, Lee explained, “I only found out later, and I was just grateful because it’s not an easy decision to make. I had no idea there would be such suspicions and rumors.” Lee also addressed the issues about “Mi Ri Cleaner,” saying it was “a courtesy to the donor and a good way to share the good in advance (which sound ‘miri’ in Korean).”

However, the statement failed to quell the suspicions surrounding the issue. These are some of the comments: “Now is she using the cleaner’s to launder her money?” “Share the good in advance? That makes no sense.” “What is it with this family and making controversies with everything they do or say?” “She had to choose a charity she was already involved with amid all the negative opinions about her.”

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