Netflix Unveils Exclusive Stills From Upcoming Drama ‘Kill Boksoon’

Kill Boksoon
Kill Boksoon
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has recently released previously undisclosed stills of their hit movie Kill Boksoon.



The first two images showcase Jeon Do Yeon, who plays the role of Gil Bok Soon, a single mother and contract killer, confronting Sol Kyung Gu, who plays the role of Cha Min Kyo, the CEO of MK Entertainment, and Koo Kyo Hwan, who plays the role of Han Hee Seung, another killer in the same company. These images suggest that despite working for the same company, the three will eventually fight against one another.

Kill Boksoon
Credit: Netflix

Another set of pictures features Kim Sia, who plays the role of Bok Soon’s daughter, Jae Young, hinting at how teenagers gradually shut their mothers out. Supporting and cameo actors were also unveiled, including Kim Sung Oh, who builds up tension as Sergeant Shin, a character who goes against MK Entertainment’s rules.

Kill Boksoon

 In addition, Lee Yeon takes on the role of ace trainee Kim Yeong Ji, who is about to debut. Her appearance raises anticipation about her onscreen chemistry with Bok Soon.

Kill Boksoon
Credit: Netflix

The last few photos feature Lee Jae Wook, who portrays the young Min Kyo, looking icy and charismatic enough to dominate the contract murder industry.

All in all, Kill Boksoon is the story of legendary contract killer Gil Bok Soon, who gets caught up in an inevitable set of events before renewing her contract with her company.

Source: Netflix

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