Lee Ji Ah, Lee Sang Yoon and More Share Their Thoughts on Personal Vendettas

pandora lee ji ah

pandora lee ji ah

Disney Plus has released a video featuring cast members discussing various topics related to their upcoming drama series, Pandora: Beneath the Paradise.

In the video, the actors were asked if they would open Pandora’s box to retrieve their long-forgotten memories. Jang Hee Jin chose to open the box, saying, “I might find out that I am an amazing person.”

However, Lee Ji Ah and Park Ki Woong chose not to open the box. When asked if she would try to persuade others who made a different choice, Ji Ah responded that she wouldn’t as she did not want to open it herself. Bong Tae Gyu then jokingly suggested he would open Ji Ah’s box instead.

Tae Gyu was also asked if he would seek revenge on those who manipulated his life, similar to the character Hong Tae Ra in the drama. He replied by saying that he would ask them to manipulate his life in a better way, which brought laughter from the group.

Lee Ji Ah, Lee Sang Yoon, and Park Ki Woong all revealed that they would not seek revenge in order to fully enjoy their current lives. Ji Ah left a hard-hitting remark, stating, “Tae Ra is left with no choice but to seek revenge to protect her family, and I think that revenge for the sake of revenge is not necessary.”

Source: Disney Plus

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