First Look Trailer out for ‘Killing Romance’ Starring Lee Ha Nee, Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Myung

Killing Romance
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Killing Romance dropped its main trailer and poster starring Lee Ha Nee, Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Myung.

The upcoming film follows a top celebrity named Yeo Rae (played by Lee Ha Nee) who decides to leave the entertainment industry after falling in love with a chaebol named Jonathan (Lee Sun Kyun) from a faraway island. One day, Yeo Rae meets Bum Woo (Gong Myung), a fan who is struggling to pass the college entrance exam for the fourth time, and together they plot an extraordinary comeback operation.

The trailer begins with a somewhat shocking advertisement video as the OST “Yeo Raeism” plays in the background. Once a much-loved top star, Yeo Rae instantly becomes the subject of public ridicule due to her poor acting performances in the show. Nevertheless, a happy ending seems to be on her way as she falls in love with a chaebol named Jonathan from a faraway island. 

However, the happiness is short-lived, and the suspense begins as he becomes madly obsessed with her. All eyes are on the ending of its unique story as Yeo Rae collaborates with Bum Woo to come back to the entertainment industry.

Killing Romance will hit theaters on April 14th.

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Source: Lotte Entertainment

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