Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Ha Nee Candidly Dish on Their Upcoming Comedy Movie ‘Killing Romance’

killing romance korean movie
killing romance korean movie
Credit: iMBC

On the morning of the 24th, the press conference for the movie Killing Romance was held. Director Lee Won Suk, along with actors Lee Ha Eee, Lee Sun Kyun, and Bae Yoo Ram, were in attendance.

Killing Romance tells the story of a top star named Yeo Rae (Lee Ha Nee), who marries an island chaebol Jonathan (Lee Sun Kyun), making an unconventional comeback after meeting her fan Bum Woo (Gong Myung).

Director Lee Won Suk, who previously directed How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, and The Beauty Inside writer Park Jung Ye started this film with the idea of creating something that had never been seen before. As the title suggests, Killing Romance tells a story that takes an anti-romance approach.

Lee Ha Nee plays the role of Yeo Rae, a top star who decides to retire due to her terrible acting skills, which caused her to become the subject of ridicule by the public. “Director Lee Won Suk told me, ‘Do whatever you want, and this is what I want to do.'” She added, “There was no middle ground. I felt their (director and writer) determination to create a character that had never been seen before.”

killing romance korean movie
Credit: iMBC

Lee Sun Kyun takes on the role of Jonathan, a rich man who helps Yeo Rae, who escapes to an island in the Pacific Ocean. Lee Sun Kyun attempted a striking transformation for his role. “Many people asked me what kind of movie it was. Even we had a lot of discussions about that,” Lee Sun Kyun shared.

“This is my first time playing such an exaggerated character. I completely devoted myself to that side (Jonathan). I committed myself to him as I acted. And I could act more freely as I built up the character,” Lee Sun Kyun added. “I received help from the makeup artist for everything, from hair to the mustache. I have a small side effect now – it feels empty without the eyeliner.”

Lastly, director Lee Won Suk said, “I heard the phrase ‘Do we really have to do it this way?’ the most. Watching actors is truly a different kind of pleasure. While shooting this film, we talked about how ‘we might have to immigrate after this.'” But he showed his confidence in the movie, saying, “Our movie is really fun. Please watch it. It’s something new.”

Killing Romance will be released on April 14th.

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