‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Review: Portraying the Value of Family Through Divorce

divorce attorney shin review

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

divorce attorney shin review
Credit: JTBC

Divorce is no longer considered taboo in today’s society. Dramas constantly feature stories of those who got divorced, and there are variety shows that support their new beginnings. Nowadays, it’s just as important to have a successful breakup as it is to have a successful marriage. And that’s why JTBC’s new drama Divorce Attorney Shin encourages viewers to reconsider the meaning of divorce. It follows the story of Shin Sung Han, a once-popular music professor who suddenly becomes a divorce lawyer due to a major shift in his mindset. As you can expect from the main theme – divorce, there are frequent conflicts and arguments between couples, ranging from infidelity to inheritance disputes and custody battles.

Though the topic in Divorce Attorney Shin is heavy and complicated, the storytelling itself is calm and straightforward. The divorce proceedings don’t get too bogged down in legal battles, and the emotions that arise aren’t just about anger and resentment. Instead, the drama portrays the value of family through separations, conveying the unique message of the drama. In episode 2, the mother fighting for custody of her child hits you right in the feels, and in episode 4, a couple who were almost headed for divorce come to a deeper understanding and share some unexpectedly emotional moments, leaving you feeling moved in unexpected ways.

The process of revealing why Shin Sung Han, a highly respected music professor, suddenly became a divorce lawyer is also fascinating. It stems from a heartbreaking family history: his sister, who had married into a wealthy family, filed for divorce upon discovering her husband’s infidelity. However, due to her husband’s schemes, she lost custody of her child and eventually lost her life in shock. Outraged, Shin Sung Han changes his profession to find the truth behind his sister’s divorce case. As a result, the story, which had been unfolding individual episodes related to divorce lawsuits, becomes denser with the central plot of revenge.

divorce attorney shin review
Credit: JTBC

Cho Seung Woo‘s captivating performance as Shin Sung Han is another highlight of the drama. Unlike his cold and intellectual characters in dramas like Stranger and Life, he brings a meek and easygoing presence that softens the overall tone of the show. Even when Shin Sung Han solves the cases he handles with ingenious ideas, he also displays a silly and humorous side that entertains viewers.

The playful chemistry between Shin Sung Han and his friends makes the show feel like a sitcom. Hyung Geun (Kim Sung Kyun), who works as an office manager under Shin Sung Han, and real estate agent Jeong Sik (Jung Moon Sung), who works in the same building, act as the lubricant of Divorce Attorney Shin. While acting like a spoiled children and making viewers laugh, they showcase heartwarming and genuine friendship by comforting and consoling each other.

However, one of the main characters in the drama, Lee Seo Jin (Han Hye Jin), feels like she doesn’t quite fit in. In episode 1, she hires Shin Sung Han to handle her divorce, and later on, she ends up working in his law firm and developing a subtle relationship with him. However, the character doesn’t quite match the tone of the drama, and her connection to other lead characters seems weak, making her less appealing. More episodes or plot devices to blend her character into the narrative are needed.

Nevertheless, Divorce Attorney Shin continues to deepen its plot each week by delving into various problems that arise between couples and leaves viewers anticipating for the next episode. The reason for Shin Sung Han’s transformation into a lawyer is revealed, arousing viewers’ interest amidst the calm flow of the story. If these two storylines can seamlessly intertwine, the show featuring many divorce lawsuits may become a drama that reminds viewers of the importance of family. Of course, just seeing Cho Seung Woo’s warm smile after a long time is a treat in itself. (7/10)

Editor Hwang Hong Sun: A Korean movie buff who wishes that the warm messages in good works will warm up this world at least by one degree Fahrenheit.

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