Gongchan Opens Up About His Scenes with Cha Seo Won in ‘Unintentional Love Story’

gongchan bl
gongchan bl
Credit: No.3 Pictures

B1A4’s Gongchan shared various stories in an interview about his new BL drama Unintentional Love Story.

This new TVING original series tells the story of two men whose romance starts as a fake relationship. Gongchan plays the role of Ji Won Young, who needs to win the heart of artist Yoon Tae Joon (Cha Seo Won), his boss’ favorite artist, in order to get his job back.

Regarding the reactions from his friends, Gongchan said, “I waited nervously and excitedly until the time the show got released, and as soon as it hit 12, me and all the actors watched it together. I’m grateful that not only BANA (B1A4 fandom) loved it, but also fans of the original webtoon and the BL genre.”

Gongchan watched the entire original webtoon. “As soon as I received the offer, I went home and immediately paid for the webtoon to watch it from beginning to end in one go. I thought, ‘I enjoyed it so much, so the fans must love it even more if it was adapted into a drama,’ so I decided to take the role.”

gongchan bl
Credit: No.3 Pictures

In the drama, Gongchan stars opposite Cha Seo Won. Gongchan said, “I was relieved to hear (that he was cast). I pictured this image as Yoon Tae Joon while reading the scripts. When I heard Seo Won was doing the role, I thought it’d be easier for me to act since he has Yoon Tae Joon’s image and silhouette.”

Cha Seo Won is currently fulfilling his military duty. Gongchan said, “I heard he left a comment during our live broadcast. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see his reaction in person. He always apologizes when he calls us. However, he led us so well during the shooting, so it’s our job to make up for his vacancy and promote the drama .” He then added, “We’re all going to go see him this week. We’ll catch up and talk about how we’ve been doing.”

Regarding his love scenes with Cha Seo Won, Gongchan said, “It was more ticklish than awkward. As I expressed my emotions thinking that he was Won Young, those scenes were actually heart-fluttering and fun.” He also joked, “There are three kiss scenes. Not all episodes are released yet, so you can check them out yourself. Unfortunately, it’s a PG-15 rating.”

Then he raised expectations for season 2. “Since the original webtoon has so much story, we couldn’t fit all the episodes into the 10-episode show. If we receive enough love, I think we will add more of those untold stories in season 2. If they want me, I will also appear in season 2.”

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