Acquaintances Claim Seungri Wanted to Go Clubbing Shortly After His Prison Release

seungri now
seungri now

Seungri has been leading a relatively ordinary life since his release in February, according to SPOTVNEWS.

Seungri was identified as a key figure in the so-called “Burning Sun Scandal,” which started at his club Burning Sun in 2019 and involved allegations of habitual gambling, arranging prostitution, and embezzlement, among nine charges that he faced in court. After a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court, Seungri was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

He was incarcerated at a military prison first and transferred to a civilian prison in Yeosu to serve the remainder of his sentence before quietly being released upon completion.

According to insiders, Seungri has been living an ordinary life and has even contacted those he was close with in the entertainment industry after his release. One insider told SPOTVNEWS, “One time, Seungri called up and asked how I was doing. His voice was a bit calmer than before, but he seemed as bright as before.”

Another insider cautiously mentioned that Seungri has not lost his love for “clubs” and has even suggested his friends go clubbing with him. Despite being embroiled in the Burning Sun scandal and serving time in prison, it seems Seungri’s love for clubs remains unwavering.

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