Jeon Do Yeon on Returning with Action Movie ‘Kill Boksoon’ After ‘Crash Course in Romance’

jeon do yeon kill boksoon
jeon do yeon kill boksoon
Credit: iMBC

Actress Jeon Do Yeon expressed her aspirations to showcase a completely different work from her previous drama, Crash Course in Romance.

On the 21st, Kill Boksoon held a press conference in Samsung-dong, Seoul. The lead actress Jeon Do Yeon shared, “I didn’t expect Kill Boksoon to be released so quickly after Crash Course in Romance. People are saying it’s the story of a ‘double life of Nam Haeng Sun (Jeon Do Yeon’s role in Crash Course in Romance),’ so the director is worried.”

Kill Boksoon follows Gil Bok Soon (Jeon Do Yeon), a legendary killer in the business and a single mother struggling with parenting, as she gets caught up in an unavoidable confrontation right before renewing her contract with the company.

Gil Bok Soon, played by Jeon Do Yeon, is a character who lives a double life as a professional killer and a single mother. Her impeccable skills in killing got her the nickname “Kill Bok Soon,” but at home, she’s a mother struggling to raise her 15-year-old daughter alone.

jeon do yeon kill boksoon
Credit: iMBC

In particular, Jeon Do Yeon received great love as a lovely single mother running a side-dish store while raising her daughter in her previous drama Crash Course in Romance. After the movie’s overall plot was released, some reacted that Nam Haeng Sun changed her job from a side-dish store owner to a contract killer.”

The actress said, “I didn’t feel any discomfort because I also live a double life as an actress and a mother,” and added, “There were more stunts than I expected, but I was just happy to receive an offer of this genre, which doesn’t happen very often.”

She then recalled, “I kept training, brainwashing myself that ‘I have to do it even if I get hurt.’ And we were very careful not to hurt each other. It was difficult and scary, but the sense of accomplishment was great after I finished it.”

Meanwhile, Kill Boksoon is helmed and penned by The Merciless and Kingmaker director Byun Sung Hyun. It will be released on the 31st.

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