Kim Jae Joong Reveals His Home and Everyday Life on TV

kim jae joong house
kim jae joong house
Credit: Channel A

The 55th episode of Channel A’s Men’s Life These Days – Groom Class featured a glimpse into the house and daily life of Kim Jae Joong.

He said, “I’ve never had a camera that observes what I’m doing, and it’s also my first time showing my house.” Han Go Eun then wittily chimed in, “Isn’t that because you haven’t been seeing anybody?”

However, the singer replied, “I am seeing somebody,” and when Jang Young Ran asked if he meant his fans, he answered with a laugh, “How did you know that?” bringing laughter to the set.

He further mentioned, “Based on the information from the Japanese CDTV, I was ranked as the number one South Korean celebrity who is most desirable for marriage. However, I found out that two members of BTS were ranked lower than me and immediately realized that there must be some mistake with the chart.”

Regarding the fancy design of his house, Kim Jae Joong explained that he intentionally designed it to not look like a typical house because he was worried that he wouldn’t want to go outside if it was too cozy. He also mentioned his refrigerator, which is usually full of food, saying, “I know it could be a problem when it comes to marriage, but I have eight sisters. I get kimchi from my mom and my sisters’ mothers-in-law.”

In the episode, viewers got a glimpse of the celebrity eating his own homemade kimchi soup and showing off his flower arrangement skills. Soon after, he went to a traditional market for grocery shopping and drank brewed rice wine at a must-eat store inside the market. Afterwards, he took the leftovers and returned to his house.

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