RM Puts Rumors to Rest: ‘Absolutely Not Leaving BTS’

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BTS’ RM candidly opened up about the weight of being a sensational K-pop band and his solo career.

On the 9th, Vogue Spain released interview with RM conducted in February when the singer attended Milan Fashion Week.

“I think that so that a broad audience can understand it, we can refer to the groups that succeeded in the 1960s and 1970s, such as the first invasion of the Beatles, perhaps. Not that I’m comparing us to them, but that we are a new phenomenon,” the artist reflected on BTS’ craze. “We represent a group of young people who move in unison, with a common goal. The dances, the visual component, the reactions on social networks, the relaxed vibes … All of this contributes to getting people excited about it.”

“The K-pop industry hasn’t stopped growing since we debuted with BTS [in 2013],” he commented on the bright side and the shadows of K-pop. “Many of us started our careers very early as a group: we slept and lived together when we were teenagers. We became a true family, which is great, but this culture has also affected me a lot because sometimes it’s hard for me to be treated as an adult with autonomy in his decisions. I am perceived as just another cog in a crew, in the context of a massive phenomenon.”

RM also shared his thoughtful take on life. “If I died tonight, I think nothing would change. It may have mattered to some for a while, but a farmer or a street sweeper is more relevant to the functioning of society,” he said. “In that context, I wonder how I can make my music matter. I haven’t found an answer yet, but I’m still trying to provide my own perspective.”

With members starting their solo careers and enlisting to fulfill their military duty, worries over BTS disbanding have surfaced. “Oh! I’m not going to leave BTS. Absolutely not,” RM stressed. Mentioning his recent official solo debut with Indigo, the rapper went on, “But I’m ambitious and have willpower, so I don’t want to miss the opportunity to do both (group and solo careers). …. Many bands split up and fall apart, but I hope that doesn’t happen to us in BTS. I just love music, love my work, love the band members, and love myself. If I can maintain both projects, I think it can be something legendary in the long run.”

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