Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100’ Unveils Unedited Final Match Footage to Resolve Controversy

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On March 9th, the production team of Netflix’s Physical: 100 hosted a press conference to address the recent controversy surrounding the show. The team unveiled the unedited footage of the final match, which had been at the center of the controversy.

Jung Hae Min, the runner-up on the show, had previously disclosed that he was unable to win the game because he had lost his strength towards the end. He cited taking two breaks before the final match as the reason for losing his strength and being unable to win.

To clarify the controversy, Producer Jang Ho Gi explained, “It is not true that the first game was stopped due to Woo Young Jin’s request.” He went on to say, “We officially halted the tournament as we thought the safety of the cast could be compromised if the noise signaled that something was going wrong at that time.”

The original footage shows a loud noise being made in the background just a minute after the first game starts. Then, nine minutes later, the production team is seen announcing the temporary break of the game. In the clip, the rope that Woo Jin Yong was pulling in the second game remains unmoved.

Producer Jang continued, “I apologize to all the participants, including the two final contestants and the viewers. We take full responsibility for what happened, as we were not fully prepared in advance. In order to resolve any misunderstandings, we will formally apologize to the two performers in person. Additionally, we will take strong legal action against any further accusations and defamation.”

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